• Les Claypool - Club Bastardo Electronic Gift Certificate
    Item #: OLGCCERT
    Now available from Club Bastardo: electronic gift certificates! Let your friends/family choose their own Les Claypool gift. Conveniently, it’s all done via email. You can choose from one of four dollar amounts: $20, $40, $60, or $80. And, you can choose WHEN someone will receive the certificate.

    Here’s how it works:

    You purchase the gift certificate and provide the email address of the recipient. You will be asked to pick a date when you want the recipient to receive the gift certificate via email. Forgot someone’s birthday? You can purchase the gift certificate today and they’ll receive it today. You can also include a personalized message. For instance, you’re Christmas shopping online for a friend Club Bastardo and purchase a $60 gift certificate for your friend. You include a brief note and choose December 24th as the date you want your friend notified about the gift. On that date your friend will receive an email with the gift certificate information and your personalized message. It’s easy. Fast. Convenient. And it’s a great way to let people choose gifts they really want.

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    • $20.00